Ehane移譯:Google工具條的PR更新了 那很可能是僥幸哦

Ehane移譯:Google工具條的PR更新了 那很可能是僥幸哦

Google Toolbar PageRank Update? Probably a Fluke


I cannot tell you how many times we see threads that are either reporting or questioning if there is a Google PageRank update. We try to document all real toolbar PageRank updates here, but often, very often, there are smaller updates or not updates at all, of the PageRank bar, reported in the forums.

我不可以奉告彼此有若乾次看到相關Google PR昇班報導和疑問的線索。我們打算去報到全部真實的Google工具條PR昇班事情,不過有是,也是常常發生,在論壇裡報導PR工具條只有有一點比較小的昇班還是一點兒都不昇班。

I figured I highlight one such thread, because Google’s JohnMu adds some insight into why people might see a PageRank 0 or update before its time.


A Google Groups thread has one member worried that his PageRank dropped from a 4 to a 0. John, from Google came in to ease this webmaster’s concern.He said:

Keeping in mind that we only update PageRank for the Toolbar a few times a year, it might be that there was just some fluke with regards to your site right when we updated it. For example, it could be that at that moment, the www- or non-www version was more relevant, now that other version is. At any rate, I don’t think you need to worry too much about that :). Two things that you could do are setting a preferred domain name in Webmaster Tools if you haven’t done so already and setting up a canonical redirect to that preferred version.



In summary:


Toolbar PageRank is updated every few months


Other updates are likely flukes due to canonical issues or issues contacting Google’s servers.